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  COTRUGLI Business School - Slovenia  

The COTRUGLI Business School Headquarters are located in Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade. With these regional operational centers, COTRUGLI is reaching cultures and business environments worldwide, creating Alumni networks in Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia, among others.

In addition to MBA programs, COTRUGLI is specialized in delivering customized In House programs and Open Enrolment programs. Collaboration with the world’s leading experts and more than five thousand of satisfied clients has greatly contributed to the affirmation of the School as the most progressive one in the SEE region.

World business academy

COTRUGLI’S excellence is aided by partnership and professional co-operation with the World Business Academy (, which brings together top experts from the most prestigious business schools, presidents of multinational corporations, Nobel Prize winners and the world authorities in all aspects of business such as Deepak Chopra, Peter Senge, Rinaldo Brutocco, Daniel Goleman etc.

   Associtaion of MBAs

Association of MBAs ( provides independent proof of quality and excellence for MBA programs. AMBA’s goal is to constantly develop and enhance the quality of MBA programs worldwide and to primarily protect programs’ participants. Today there are less than 200 esteemed business schools with AMBA accredited programs worldwide. These are highly ranked schools like IMD (Switzerland), IESE (Spain), London Business School, INSEAD (France) and COTRUGLI Business School.


Faculty that inspires  

The distinguished COTRUGLI faculty makes a vital link between today’s goals and tomorrow’s achievements. Top-ranked lecturers, handpicked for their deep expertise in their respective fields, teach business education at COTRUGLI. They will equip you with the best tools available in order to unleash your full potential.

COTRUGLI lecturers are also professors at the world’s leading business schools and institutions, such as: ESCP Europe, Henley, Duke, Oxford Leadership Academy, Kellogg School of Management, INCAE Business School and the World Business Academy, among others. In addition to superior teaching and mentoring, these accomplished professionals simultaneously work as consultants for companies all over the world, giving them experience and valuable insight into the world of business today.

You are welcome to explore our global faculty network and find the right answers to your most important challenges, getting the premium hands-on experience solutions.

Resourceful business network   

In the process of attending the program at COTRUGLI Business School, surrounded with highly motivated classmates, you will discover the opportunities of matchless networking, which will help you to turn your contacts into contracts.

COTRUGLI network interrelates and expands through the formation of companionship with highly successful managers and leaders. The power of alliance and life-long friendship with highly influential individuals for most of our participants represents a return of invested time and money even before the educational program is completed.

As a participant of COTRUGLI programs, you also get the access to:

COTRUGLI Alumni Club  

COTRUGLI Alumni Club membership, giving you the opportunity to interact with fellow alumni members from past MBA generations.

Additional executive modules   Additional executive modules, international conferences, attractive networking events and Open Enrollment programs.
COTRUGLI Club membership   COTRUGLI Club membership, as a meeting point for all participants of various educations and events.
Information on latest business trends   Information on latest business trends and innovations that will enable you to become the force of positive change in your organization.
Different sport activities   Different sport activities such as skiing, sailing, golfing or football and basketball teams on regular basis; to create stress-free environment we often include your family and friends.
An access to the global network   An access to the global network of finest experts.
contract with Naton HR agency   Every participant will get a contract with Naton HR agency for further process of future employment.
  Programs in Cotrugli business school:  
MBA - Master of Business Administration   MBA - Master of Business Administration

Our opinion, in Naton HR agency, is that knowlege is the best investments in the future. That is the reason the Naton HR decided to participate with Cotrugli businness school, which offers great learning packages called "WIth MBA to better job". If you decide to join the curriculum, Naton HR will strat the procedure to find you a job that you wish to reach.
MBA - Master of Business Administration   EMBA - Executive Master of Business Administration

Executive MBA program is designed for business experienced managers who are willing to learn new skills and tools and share their knowledge with managers from different business fields. The program guides participants to work across divisions and functions to create value.
MBA - Master of Business Administration   CEMBA - Chief Executive Master of Business Administration

Chief executive Master of Business Administration program is the highest among MBA programs. It is intended only for most ambitious managers and is adjusted to individuals needs. Naton HR agency and COTRUGLI businness school are prepaired to adjust to your wishes and needs. That is posible with so called "Tailor made package".
MBA - Master of Business Administration   DBA - Doctors of Business Administration

The DBA program could be the launching pad to the next phase of your career. This program will provide you with ap- plied knowledge and integrated view of business. The program is designed to ensure that you gain an in-depth understanding of your own discipline/subject area as well as a broad edu- cational base through thematic courses that use tools and techniques to conduct quality, business-relevant research.
MBA - Master of Business Administration   Tailor made MBA company packets

Depending on your wishes and areas of your business, we can prepare MBA education groups. We will adapt according to geo location and time availability of the candidates.
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